About Us

Just Dance It! is a dance program open to Preschool through 5th grade girls and boys. The curriculum is designed as a fun way to introduce children to beginner dance skills while exploring how to move their bodies in creative and expressive ways. The classes also focus on coordination, rhythm, building and strengthening motor skills and exploring how to channel feelings through dance. Just Dance It! brings the dance studio to you, offering studio quality dance training at an affordable cost. The dance classes are designed to challenge the students both mentally and physically while keeping them engaged and excited about learning!


Classes are offered for one hour each week and are conveniently taught right at your child's school. The classes are generally taught in 6 week or 12 week sessions per school semester. At the end of the semester, dancers are given the opportunity to perform for their family and friends in a Dance Showcase. The performance allows dancers to demonstrate what they have learned throughout the course of the program and celebrate the end of a fun-filled semester of dance!

Just Dance It! provides classes for schools, daycares, churches, youth programs, recreation centers and more! Contact us today to bring our program to your students! 

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