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​"Dance is the hidden language of the soul." Martha Graham

Ballet class is the foundation for developing strong dance technique. Dancers will learn beginning ballet skills and terminology including leaps, turns and jumps as well as mastery of the five basic ballet positions. Dancers will also work to improve flexibility and strength. 


*Black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes are required for this class. 


Dancers will begin to explore fundamental tap technique with emphasis on rhythmic footwork, coordination, musicality and developing motor skills. 


*Black leotard, pink tights and black tap shoes are required for this class. 



In jazz class, dancers will learn basic jazz technique including jazz walks, turns, leaps, kicks and splits. This class allows the dancers to express their style, personality and showmanship while exposing them to challenging and innovative dance choreography.  

*Black leotard, jazz pants and black jazz shoes are required for this class. 

Creative Movement

Creative movement is designed as a fun way to introduce children to dance. Rather than focusing on technique and accuracy, dancers are encouraged to find their inner artist, exploring what it means to express themselves through movement. The class is intended to stimulate imagination, promote body awareness and boost confidence. Perfect for children who have never taken a dance class!


*Black leotard and pink tights are required for this class. Movement is done with bare feet. 

Hip Hop


In hip-hop class, dancers will learn many of the current age-appropriate dance styles that are heavily influenced by trends in hip hop and pop culture. This style of dance is very athletic and dynamic, with emphasis on rhythm, stamina and performance. The music for this class will be edited and age appropriate. 

*Black leotard, jazz pants and tennis shoes are required for this class. 

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